Living With Congenital Heart Defects by Ben's Friends

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Living With Congenital Heart Defects



I was diagnosed with Asd quite by chance at the age of 46 when i got admitted for a possible heart attack. It was a big hole at 28 mm and doctors did the catheter process. I noticed a lot of improvements in that my left hand was restless at night and i was generally sluggish. I would attribute it to obesity. Still am overweight. After a year this july end my overall health is ok except for frequent pain and burning sensation. Plus at time there are strong odd pains which make me aware of something inside. My tests 2d echo, xray and bloodwork come back fine. If these pains are normal then i will accept them as no point in going round in circles. In any case i dont want ohs to remove device and do what they do. Someone i met at the gym said asd is a silent killer as it goes undetected. But now mine is treated and done so the only bother are these pains and burns in the heart. Lol. I keep hoping it goes away . Let me know your thoughts.