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Living With Congenital Heart Defects

Update : Serra has angio today

Hello again friends.
May somebody remember my daughter, Serra.
Today she is 5 years old. We were visit many of hospitals and doctors. Serra has 12 mm of asd. All doctors are said its impossible to have angio, we must open heart surgery.
Prof.Dr.Ender ODEMIS ( working at Atakent Acibadem hospital in Istanbul) said, everything is well for angio, we dont need to open heart surgery.
We trust him, today Mr. Odemis had successfully completed Serra’s angio.
He said after operation; hole was 12 mm in controls but in the operation hole was 18mm. Almost 2 cm. He was succesfully completed the operation and closed my daughter’s 18mm asd with angio.

Great news!! Blessings and long life for your Serra !!