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Living With Congenital Heart Defects

Questions to ask 1 year post ASD closure

What kind of questions should I be asking my interventional cardiologist Tomorrow. This is my 1year post ASD percutaneous closure

I feel good.
Except for the weight gain.

Thanking you

Hi lambat
No advice to give yet, as I’m in same boat - now 11.5 months and seeing cardiologist in few weeks. So I’m hoping this re-invigorates the thread & I can learn too.

What does percutaneous mean, is that catheter close? Mine was open heart closure, which is a tough recovery but I’m hoping will last a (long!) lifetime.

Hi there.
How has the 11.5 months been? If you haven’t written down how you’ve been feeling I think you should… Interms of pain when you’re doing a task etc that’s a good starting point. I have a diary that I done this in. I’ve found it to be extremely useful.

Yes percutaneous closure is done via catheter.

Best piece of advice I can give you is do not stress. And please ensure you’re getting ENOUGH REST. Remember your heart is doing its job 24/7/365. And has been through a major change.

Ask questions that relate to any health conditions you may already have.

These were my questions.
Is ASD considered to be cardiovascular disease/ a heart condition

I seen a question posed here about weight gain post closure, so I enquired if it is related.

Can I go diving in the ocean

Has my heart remodeled

Duration for tissue growth

Is there a residual leak? Also is a future leak possible

Are there still any signs of pulmonary hypertension

Is there a chance of infective endocarditis (VERY IMPORTANT )

Are there any pregnancy risks that I should know about

Has my resting heart rate /sinus rhythm improved?

When should I return to see him

These were my questions . Hope this helps ? Let me know

Oooo, what was the answer re scuba diving ?!

I asked before surgery if I’d be able to dive again in future & they “couldn’t see any reason why not”

But I am more wary now, after getting pericarditis recently & seeing what strain the heart comes under 24/7/365, as you say.

Thanks for your Q’s, that’s a real help.

Hope you’re happy with their answers?

With regard to diving he said “forget you ever had this procedure and dive in”

Pericarditis… Hope you’ve fully recovered ? That’s a scare.

Yes I’m definitely more wary of the hours I put into my work now. And get adequate rest.

I’m glad it’s a help to you.

Yes I’m pretty satisfied with my answers. Except for the weight one :joy: turns out it’s totally unrelated to the closure . And I should get back to gym. Boohoo :see_no_evil:

Please reply on this topic as to how your 1 year post closure appointment goes. Would love to read all about it .

Thanks lambat, that’s encouraging.

My 12m consult has just been changed to phone, due to co-vid19. I get it & am happy to comply, but a little disappointed, as it’s easier to ask in person!

It’s later this month so I’ll pop back. Meanwhile, today is my one year anniversary, yay - not easy to celebrate though, including given so many are in difficulty.

Hi there Midlifer…

How was your 1year telephonic? How are you feeling? .