Complications After PFO Device Closure Surgery?


My name is Ashutosh, am one of those whose feeling terrible after ASD closure through the amplatzer device. I have terrible migraines that i never had before the closure. I do beleive it is because of the device. I did reach out to Dr Jamil via email , but was able to gain little information from him. He seemed most kind though. Unfortunately ive not been able to meet him as i live in India. Could you please give me any more information as to what he said about the nickel , i am planning on having my device explanted quite soon,



Hi Ashutosh,

I am sorry about the migraines that have started up… Is that your only
symptoms post closing the pfo?

An American nickel has about 30% nickel in it. Take a shower and then
clean a nickel really well ( with alcohol wipes and soap and water too)
than take a sterile bandage and tape it to your freshly showered and dried

Keep it there for 24 hours, remove it and see if there is any signs of
allergy or inflammation in general ( redness, itching, swelling).

I am actually doing the test now pre procedure lol.


Besides the migraines there are a lot of small ancillary things, like you dont feel too good after oversleeping and other small things, but the migraiens are the main one . Ive done a skin patch test as well as a prick test. The prick test did show a reaction. Katherine hasnt really replied to me , dont think shes on the group anymore. I would advise a MELISA test to completely ascertain whehter you have a nickel allergy or not. Wish i coulda met Dr Jamil, if you dont mind me asking what else he told you ?


Hi, i am really taken aback to learn that doctors have no solution to the pain and breathlessness. And they let go patients . The alternate is device removal and ohs. Omg. What a situation to be in.


I found this chat while looking into a possible allergy to the Gore Helix device I have. I know you posted this two years ago, but I wanted to know what you found out. Thanks


Hi Katherine, my name is Ashley. I had an ASD transcath procedure about 3 days ago. I feel exactly the way you did. It feels like a chicken bone is stuck in my throat. I deal with 2 cardiologist one in Buffalo, NY and one in New York, NY. They seem to think the nickel allergy is a myth because most nickel allergies occur on your skin not the tissue, but I firmly believe it is definitely a possibility. One of my cardiologist suggested that I might have a sensitivity or allergy to the aspirin or plavix they put me on. However, I’ve taken aspirin in the past and never felt like this. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. It’s hard to take a deep breath and it hurts to cough. I read you post and said that’s exactly how I feel. My hole was 22mm, unfortunately I went a year ago to get it closed and the gore helex device wasn’t big enough. So I had to wait for the next generation gore helex that is supposed to be used for bigger holes. I did some research and I knew that I did not want the amplatzer device because of the possible nickel reaction. The doctors made it seem like this was a sure thing, but I’ve never felt this terrible in my life. I was actually considered a “case study” for this new device and now I’m having second thoughts about keeping it in. You said you felt like that 11 months later, I cannot live if I feel this way. Did you ever find out what the reasoning was behind feeling how you did? I hope you are better now, I know your post was a couple years ago.


Katherine, did you get your device explanted?


How are you feeling? I just read your post from a few months ago. The nickel allergy is very real. I had full on, crack my chest, open heart surgery in September of 2017. I had the Gore Helix device since April of 2009. Eight plus years of hell. So many medical complications caused by the allergy. I was never told anything about nickel. I had been looking for answers for at least 5-6 years before I found out the problem. I did an at home nickel test, which was positive. I then saw an allergy specialist who did confirm the allergy through two different tests. Saw a new cardiologist in a different office from the one who put it in. He took it out ten days after my first appointment. I live in Utah. There were a few doctors who were putting dozens of these things in weekly. National average for implant was around 2,000. The doctors had an average of over 10,000! I believe it was over a five year period. Have you been tested for nickel allergies? There were some people who tried to tell me a 24 hour urine test was the only thing to detect the allergy. Not true. I had two skin surface tests.
Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.