Afib after ASD closure


Just looking for some advice, hopefully somebody has experience, I have seen stuff on here but not in great detail.

So, I am 1 month after ASD closure and had 180 bpm laying in bed, went to A&E and was told I have Afib and stop caffeine, alcohol etc… luckily I have a congenital heart defect team looking after me consisting of several consultant cardiologists. At first the prognosis was it’s something I will have to get used too. But I had a call the next day to say it had been reviewed by the team and they would expect it and it is common after device has settled with in the first couple of months, and it should die down maybe even stop over time.

Although I’ve seen some great stories on here about arrhythmias getting better for others, has anyone been diagnosed with Afib and got better?? From what I have seen Afib normally gets worse not better.

Basically I’m clutching at straws… :joy:

Better…hmmmm?? I don’t think I’d say ‘got better’ more like ‘better managed’ with medication.
I certainly notice it when I’ve missed my meds. Usually I take them with breakfast, but if I miss breakfast I miss my meds and by around noon my heartbeat is all over the place and this is why I say better managed (When I take them. Tsk) rather than ‘got better’.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Thanks Merl, pretty much what I expected to be honest…

A fib going at 180 beats needs treatment for rate control… if intermittent, then at least need prophylactic anticoagulation for stroke prevention; best to make appointment with your cardiologist to clarify.

Thanks for the reply Dvorak, yes put back on rivaroxiban and a beta blocker…

So back to waking up with a mouth full of blood every morning and looking like I’ve been back sparing with the amount of bruises I have all over my body. But I don’t want a stroke to add to my heart attack so will put up with it… :man_facepalming:t2: