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Surgical intervention For Congenital Heart Defects

Surgery - Aortic and Vessel Defects Surgical intervention for Aortic and Vessel Defects discussion Surgery - Single Ventricle Defects Surgical intervention Single Ventricle Defects Surgery - Tansposition of the Great Arteries Surgical Intervention for transposition Of The Great Arteries Discussion Surgery - Tetrology of Fallot Surgical Intervention for Tetrology of Fallot Discussion Surgery - Valve Defects Surgical Intervention for Valve Defects Discussion Surgery - Septal Defects Surgical intervention of Septal defects including: Closure via Robotic Surgery, Closure via Helex Device, Closure via Amplatzer Device, and Closure via Open Heart Surgery. Please Tag your post with the Surgery Type. Just click on "optional tags.<br>
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